Introduction's Suck.

No, really. How many times have you just sat there and awkwardly bit your lower left lip out of unnecessary nervousness. I know I have way too many times to count. What I want to know is why..? Why does it matter if this person cares, or listens, or even acknowledges the fact that your less than 3 feet away from them? It doesn't. Most of the time. Of course than there are certain souls who pass through your life, and don't seem to want to leave. Whether that be from your own stupid emotional bullshit... or there's. In this case my fine new found friend I am the one with the emotional attachment. If you haven't figured it out yet, this blog is an outing on the bullshit my life has suffered from one demonic yet glistening soul. No, not Edward Cullen either. Alas, like my title had mentioned, this introduction? sucked.